Join in! Contribute to Australia's first-ever 'Vet Cookbook' | Centre for Veterinary Education

Join in! Contribute to Australia's first-ever 'Vet Cookbook'

Proceeds will be donated to veterinary mental health charities.

It's not too late – entries close 31 December 2016, so please share this with as many veterinary friends and colleagues as possible. Don't let your practice go unrepresented!

Support your colleagues

Download Cherry Ripe Truffles recipe by Dr Deepa Gopinath:


The Vet Cookbook

Being an experienced practitioner brings its own stressors, whether these are practice ownership, the ever increasing complexity of life, burnout or higher expectations of ourselves or others. While there are now some support structures for veterinary students and recent graduates, experienced practitioners may feel very isolated at times.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is drop in for a cuppa with a colleague. A problem shared is a problem halved. A problem shared over food is a problem minus hypoglycaemia, which is bound to be better. Being stressed is bad enough, but everything’s worse when you’re ‘hangry’. 

Not everyone is a card-carrying chef, but there are a few people out there with a recipe or two up their sleeve.

  • Something that makes them or others feel better.

  • Something that’s fun to prepare for and/or with others.

  • Something that gives you strength to get through the next massive procedure or session of consults.

  • Something to bring people together (even those who, like one of the editors, are not known for their cooking).

Vets need to look out for each other, promote collegiality, have fun and yes, enjoy some feel-good-calories along the way. Editors Asti May, Deepa Gopinath and Anne Fawcett are compiling a cookbook for vets, the proceeds of which will be donated to veterinary mental health charities. Contact

Share your favourite recipe and show your support for your colleagues!



Marketing and Sales Officer | C&T Series Editor

Lis has been the Editor of the Control & Therapy Series since October 2002 and in that time has enjoyed great interaction and rapport with the many contributing vets. In 2014, her role at the CVE expanded to include Marketing and Sales of continuing professional development. Growing CVE Membership and building a strong CVE professional community are keen interests, and Lis is currently undertaking a Masters of Marketing at The University of Sydney to gain more knowledge in these areas.