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Revamped CVeLibrary Launch!

by Lis Churchward

Just because you couldn’t enrol in a course, you shouldn’t miss the valuable course content! And often you need to be able to get your hands on a C&T or Perspective article ASAP.

Let your fingers do the walking…

Say, for example, you were wracking your brains to remember in which issue the C&T about ‘Leg Surgery on a Bandicoot’ by Phil Tucak appeared. Or maybe you became a vet after this C&T was published? Login to our website to access the CVeLibrary and type ‘bandicoot’ in the search field. In seconds, 113 results are returned where ‘bandicoot’ is mentioned either the C&T Series or course proceedings.


You may decide to find all the course proceedings that mention bandicoots, in which case you have the option to filter the results as follows:

The 113 initial result has now been filtered to show 89 results where bandicoot is mentioned in CVE | PGF proceedings, ordered by the most recently published to the oldest.

Search by author

You may then drill down further to filter for only those proceedings’ chapters authored by Larry Vogelnest (2 results).

This is a major membership benefit – 51+ years of veterinary publications available at your fingertips - so please use it!

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'Put your shoulder to the wheel, wo/man, and urge on your horses. Do you think you can move the wagon by simply looking at it and whining about it? Hercules will not help unless you make some effort to help yourself.' Aesop – Hercules and the Wagoner

We need YOUR help!

If your search and filter throws up any errors due to mistakes in separating articles or chapters, please take the time to alert us of the problem here. Together, we can ensure the integrity of this great resource.




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Marketing and Sales Officer | C&T Series Editor

Lis has been the Editor of the Control & Therapy Series since October 2002 and in that time has enjoyed great interaction and rapport with the many contributing vets. In 2014, her role at the CVE expanded to include Marketing and Sales of continuing professional development. Growing CVE Membership and building a strong CVE professional community are keen interests, and Lis is currently undertaking a Masters of Marketing at The University of Sydney to gain more knowledge in these areas.