Current Bequests

Over the years that the PGF, now the CVE, has been in existence bequests have allowed us to develop projects and programs that have enhanced the care and welfare of animals, not just in Australia but all over the world.

We are indebted to the generosity of our benefactors for making provisions in their wills for the education of those involved in the care and welfare of animals.

E.I.C.M. Pederson

The 1977 Annual Report of the PGF indicated that the estate of the late Mrs E.I.C.M. Pedersen left the Foundation $13,093.35 as a bequest. The report noted that the Foundation was most grateful for this gracious donation which had been put toward good use for Continuing Education.

Mrs Pedersen also bequeathed a man’s watch and a lady’s ring which are still housed in the University art collection.

Valentine Charlton

In April 1993 the University of Sydney was informed that the Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science was a significant beneficiary of a bequest from Valentine Eunice Margaret Victoria Charlton. The primary objective of this bequest is to provide for ongoing research and education in feline medicine and welfare with a particular emphasis on feline respiratory diseases.

As trustees of the bequest the PGF aims to ensure the future longevity and perpetuity of the fund by careful investment and preservation of the capital base. The PGF will also ensure that all expenditure of the income or requests for funding uphold the express wishes of the late Valentine Charlton.

At the end of 1994 the money realised from the sale of property and furniture and redemption of debentures totalled $2,872,126. In 1996 the PGF expended $1M of the accrued funds to purchase level 2 of the Veterinary Science Conference Centre with a 40 year rent free provision. This purchase significantly altered the outlook of the PGF which no longer needed to rent premises in Sydney for office space.

In 2003 the decision was made to invest $1M in the building of a specialist feline clinic within the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Sydney. This donation was to be matched ‘dollar for dollar’ by the University and resulted in the Valentine Charlton Cat Clinic.

From 1993 this bequest has also been used to fund research, most notably through the Valentine Charlton Veterinary Consultancy. Continuing education events with a feline focus have been offered every year and a distance education program was developed with funds from this bequest.

At June 2008 the bequest is worth $3.5M and the interest from this will allow us to fund many further projects which have at their core the care and welfare of cats.

J.D. MacLeod

In January 1994 $35,000 was received from the estate of James Dunlop MacLeod. Interest from the investment of this money has been used to fund research undertaken by Merran Govendir in the Faculty of Veterinary Science. The interest earned from this fund is also being used to allow us to build the CVe-library.

Jessie Mary Briggs

In May 2008 the PGF was informed that Jessie Mary Briggs had left a bequest to the PGF.

Muriel Mary Snow

In 2008 a bequest was received from the estate of Muriel Mary Snow to fund research in domestic cats to benefit registered breeders of Abyssinian and Siamese cats.