Ruminant Nutrition 2014

This course is highly valuable to any veterinarian working in a farming environment. It is also designed to assist veterinarians studying for potential membership candidacy of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (ACVS) in animal nutrition (ruminant). The emphasis will be on practical learning and will cover all areas of interest in ruminant nutrition.


Online enrolments are now available for both, full payment and deposit only.


The tutor for this program is Paul Cusack.

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the basic principles of feeding ruminants for production of meat, milk and fibre
  • learn about the merits of a range of feedstuffs and pasture
  • diagnose and correct nutritional problems with various classes of cattle and sheep
  • assess the standard of nutritional management of a given enterprise
  • assess rations and have a basic understanding of ration formulation


  1. Rearing Preruminants & Managing the Transition to Ruminant
  2. Physiology of the Rumen, Ruminant Growth & Lactation
  3. Pasture, Crop Growth & Utilisation
  4. Feed Processing & Feedstuffs
  5. Diagnosis, Treatment, & Prevention of Metabolic Diseases
  6. Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention of Chronic Nutritional Deficiencies
  7. Systems for Describing Ruminant Nutrient Requirements
  8. Nutritional Management of the Beef/Sheep Enterprise
  9. Nutritional Management of the Dairy Enterprise
  10. Nutritional Management of the Feedlot


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