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Practical Post-Mortem Examinations of Australian Wildlife

Wildlife are more frequently being submitted to private veterinary practices by clients and other members of the public with an expectation that the animal will be cared for and possibly treated or the cause of the problem determined.

Several government authorities are interested in the potential for wild species to carry and transfer potential pathogens to other wildlife, companion animals and even people.  

This presentation will briefly describe and demonstrate the euthanasia of a range of wild species and how to necropsy them to take samples for disease diagnosis and pathogen identification.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Understand how to quickly and efficiently euthanise sick and severely injured wildlife
  • Develop an efficient and effective approach to necropsy wildlife
  • Understand how to take samples for microbiological and histopathological investigations to determine the potential aetiological agents causing serious disease in Australian wildlife


Course Delivery

This PodcastPLUS comes with:

  • Access to a pre-recorded video podcast

  • A discussion forum for conversation, debate and information exchange with your peers and tutor

  • Access to further reading and/or resources (available one week before the video podcast release)

  • A self-assessed multiple choice quiz to qualify for CPD

  • An electronic certificate available for download upon successful completion of the quiz


Thursday 2 - Thursday 16 November 2017
Delivered Online


MVSc PhD MACVSc (Australasian Wildlife Medicine) GradCertTertEd

Derek has extensive training as a veterinarian, wildlife biologist and a teacher. The topic of his PhD was conservation genetics. He has worked as a zoo and wildlife veterinarian in Australia and internationally and has extensive experience in both in situ and ex situ wildlife conservation programs for over 20 years. Derek is currently a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney where he teaches veterinary pathology, conservation biology and is the unit of study coordinator for the Ex situ Conservation Unit of Study in the Wildlife Masters. He is a consultant to the International Student Volunteers, having led student pre-vet projects at the Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and in large game reserves in South Africa which includes examining and treating local village animals, mostly dogs. Derek is also the Vice President and Chief Veterinarian of WAIF, an organization that provides veterinary care to Australian native wildlife and advises on the husbandry and care of Australian wildlife to practicing veterinarians and wildlife care organisations such as WIRES and Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services in Sydney, rural NSW and Queensland.

Derek has many wildlife related interests including wildlife diseases in general, the health of captive and free-ranging marine mammals, wildlife rehabilitation, the pharmacology of drugs in native Australian marsupials, and managing kangaroo populations in urban settings. He is actively involved in research relating to a number of these fields and supervises honours and postgraduate students at the University of Sydney.

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