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Top Reasons for Burnout in Vets

...and how to avoid it

Burnout in veterinarians is a serious issue, contributing to the high suicide rate within this profession. 

This presentation looks at the four top reasons for burnout in veterinarians, and outlines evidence-based strategies for combatting its negative, and often fatal, effects.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Recognise the key factors that impact your wellbeing and contribute to burnout

  • Understand the effects of burnout and the impact it has on you

  • Identify evidence-based strategies to assist you in being proactive – and not reactive – towards stress and burnout

Course Delivery

This PodcastPLUS comes with:

  • Access to a pre-recorded video podcast

  • A discussion forum for conversation, debate and information exchange with your peers and tutor

  • Access to further reading and/or resources (available one week before the video podcast release)

  • A self-assessed multiple choice quiz to qualify for CPD

  • An electronic certificate available for download upon successful completion of the quiz


Thursday 7 - Thursday 21 September 2017
Delivered Online


BSc (Psych) PGDip. Psych MTrain&Dev EdD

Nadine is a registered psychologist and Masters-qualified trainer who completed doctoral research into veterinarian wellbeing.  After quitting school and entering the workforce at the age of 15, she had the benefit of working in a wide range of industries, both here in Australia as well as New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  While she has always had a love of animals and wanted to be a veterinarian herself, she soon learnt she was way too queasy to become a veterinarian.  As well as having a focus on wellbeing, Nadine is also passionate about suicide prevention within the general population, and has experienced first-hand the loss of family and friends through suicide.  Her goal is to help as many people as she can, to provide them with effective coping skills and techniques so they are equipped to deal with the demands of everyday life in a much healthier way.  Nadine’s mindfulness, wellbeing, and resiliency training program provides an effective, psychologically-based program that can teach people how to cope with every day pressures, so they no longer feel like suicide is the only way out.  The program has been tested through her Doctoral research, with statistically significant results in reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and negative affect. 

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