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Ophthalmic Surgery

Ophthalmic surgery is often put in to the 'too hard basket' and referred on to specialists

This course is designed to give you better understanding of the principles and the practicalities of doing eye surgery with the aim of expanding the range of procedures you can confidently offer your clients. The course will feature video procedures to guide your learning. 

Veterinary nurses with a special interest in the topic are welcome to enrol in this course. Please be aware that the course is designed for qualified veterinarians and you should consider this in light of your knowledge and experience before you register.

Past participant:

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was a good refresher as I had been out of small animal practice for quite some time. I learnt a lot of new things that weren't necessarily covered (to an indepth level) in school when I graduated. The instructor was excellent and I learnt a lot from the discussion forums."

Susan Hrycun

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Have reviwed the necessary equipment needed to perform ophthalmic surgery

  • Have reviewed the indications for a range of surgical procedures including eyelid tumors, entropion, cherry eyes, third eyelid flaps and cartilage eversions as well as the surgical management of corneal ulcers

  • Understand the principles of performing a range of ophthalmic procedures including the removal of eyelid tumours, entropion surgery, cherry eye surgery and the surgical management of the corneal ulcers


  1. The Essentials: Equipment

  2. Eyelids: Tumours, Entropion, Ectropion

  3. The Third Eyelid: Cherry Eye, Eversion

  4. Surgical Management of Corneal Ulcers

Course Delivery

This course includes:

  • Written notes, photographs and videos

  • Self-assessed multiple choice quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding

  • A discussion forum for conversation, debate and information exchange with your peers and tutors

  • An electronic certificate available for download upon successful completion of the course

The estimated time to complete this course is 10 hours and it will be open for 4 weeks.


Monday 17 September - Sunday 14 October 2018
Delivered Online


BVSc (Hons) FACVSc (Ophthalmology)

Robin Stanley graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1984. He undertook an ophthalmology residency from 1987 to 1989, obtaining Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (ACVSc) in small animal surgery, and in 1990 obtained his Fellowship of the ACVSc in ophthalmology. Robin is registered as a veterinary eye specialist and is a Board of Examiner's member for the ACVSc. He with two other veterinarians in a dedicated ophthalmology-only practice in Melbourne. His clinical interests are in ophthalmic surgery, particularly small incisional cataract, hypertensive retinopathy and glaucoma. He is visiting senior lecturer to the Veterinary School, University of Melbourne and holds ophthalmology clinics here. Robin has authored and co-authored 18 peer reviewed publications, co-authored Common Eye Diseases – A Problem Oriented Text for Veterinarians and contributed to textbooks such as Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology, Small Animal Ophthalmology, a Problem Oriented Approach and Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology. Robin was winner of the prestigious Tom Hungerford Award in 2010 and is the author and tutor of the long running and popular CVE DE course in Ophthalmology.

Course Fees

Member TypeTimeOnline
Recent Grad / Part-time Member$289
Student Member$145
Non-member / eMember$578
*Members include: Practice, Professional and Academic members


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The TimeOnline nurse rate is the same as the Recent Grad/Part-time member rate in the table above. 

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