Clinical Competency Award

Each year the Centre for Veterinary Education asks each Faculty or School of Veterinary Science in Australia and New Zealand to select a suitable recipient of the CVE Clinical Competency Award.

The prize of CVE$1,000 credit towards CVE continuing professional development is offered to the graduating student who has been recognised by their instructors as being the most competent in clinical skills over the clinical portion of the veterinary course

Recipients of the Clinical Competency Award for Excellence in Clinical Skills


Charles Sturt University—William Barkman (pictured above)
James Cook University—Shanya Canavan
Massey University—Lachlan Chittock


University of Adelaide—Nikki Wenham (pictured above)
University of Melbourne—Martin Duckhorn
University of Queensland—Zac Yang


Charles Sturt University - Georgina Whatmore 

James Cook University - Benjamin Rub

University of Adelaide - Sarah Bassett

University of Melbourne - Rylan James McCracken (pictured above)

University of Queensland - Geoffrey Xu (pictured above)

University of Sydney - Therese Dinh (pictured above)

Massey University - Samantha Looney


Charles Sturt University - Samantha Spark (pictured above) 

University of Sydney - Stacey Carnogoy

University of Queensland - Thomas Barnwell (pictured above) 
University of Melbourne - unawarded in 2020

Massey University - Jane (Ritchie) Thomson

James Cook University - Zoe Louise Miranda Walker

University of Adelaide - Ruby Easther (pictured above) 


Charles Sturt University - Philippa Kellett (pictured above)

University of Melbourne - Lucy Davies

University of Sydney - Katherine Nield

University of Queensland - Rava Tsing

Massey University - Christopher Champion

James Cook University - Maximillian Ernst

University of Adelaide - Peter Atkinson


University of Adelaide - Emma Hoolihan

Massey University - Billy Fitzgerald with Dr Jon Huxley HoS

University of Sydney - Wade Howden with Frazer Allan HoS & Dean

James Cook University - Hannah Butler

University of Melbourne - Shu Ning LEI

University of Queensland - Sascha Pilz

Charles Sturt University - Carly Brownlow


Charles Sturt University: Jessica Verwey

James Cook University: Jillian Eliza Bell

Massey University: Corey Regnerus with Dean Jenny Weston

University of Adelaide: Conor Brand with Dr Anne Peaston

University of Melbourne: Elita Frazer with Assoc Prof Caroline Mansfield

University of Queensland: Chi Yan Kan (Lydia)

University of Sydney: Lyndon James Cleary


Charles Sturt University: Lauren Russell

James Cook University: Carissa Todd

Massey University: Lauren Kubala with Dr Jenny Weston

University of Adelaide: Sheree Heading

University of Melbourne: Xenia Newland

University of Queensland: Michaela Swan

University of Sydney: Jessica Divall


Charles Sturt University: Clare A Ferris

James Cook University: Troy Bunn

Massey University: Ash Keown

Murdoch University: Stephanie Nicholas

University of Adelaide: Anna Schumann

University of Melbourne: Susan Ciaravolo

University of Queensland: Katherine Lawn

University of Sydney: Sarah Matthews


Charles Sturt University: Catherine Tuckwell

James Cook University: Liam Donaldson

Massey University: Stephanie Downer

Murdoch University: Amy Forsythe

University of Melbourne: Kathy Luk

University of Queensland: Tracey Gowan

University of Sydney: Duncan Pearce