Practical Emergency Surgery Techniques I

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Author/s: Dr Howard Siem
Publication Date: 01/01/2015

This MP4 or DVD/CD combination includes abdominal exploratory, splenectomy, esophageal perforation, GDV - preop & intraop, belt loop gastropexy, incisional gastropexy, GDV – postop, enterotomy: basic technique, enterotomy: clinical cases, intestinal anastomosis, gunshot wound, bite wound in acat, bite wound in a dog, evisceration, duodenal intussusception, plication for intussusception, mesenteric volvulus, ruptured GB mucocele, ruptured bile duct, and colopexy for the treatment of rectal prolapse.

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  1. Abdominal exploratory
  2. Splenectomy
  3. Esophageal perforation
  4. GDV - preop & intraop
  5. Belt loop gastropexy
  6. Incisional gastropexy
  7. GDV - postop
  8. Enterotomy - technique
  9. Enterotomy - cases
  10. Intestinal anastomosis
  11. Gunshot wound
  12. Bite wound - cat
  13. Bite wound – dog
  14. Evisceration
  15. Duodenal intuss
  16. Intuss - plications
  17. Mesenteric volvulus
  18. Ruptured GB mucocele
  19. Ruptured bile duct

Practical Emergency Surgery Techniques I MP4

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