Practical Emergency Surgery Techniques III

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Author/s: Dr Howard Siem
Publication Date: 01/01/2015

This 2-disc set includes: recordings of 19 comprehensive procedures as well as the proceedings on CD with over 120 images.

This DVD/CD combination includes emergency tracheostomy, surgically managing brachycephalic syndrome including preoperative presentation, surgical correction of stenotic nares, soft palate resection and postoperative evaluation. Also included is clinical presentation of laryngeal paralysis and laryngeal exam of laryngeal paralysis dogs as well as surgical management of difficult cervical mass/abscess, tracheal stent technique, repair of diaphragmatic hernia (acute, chronic, congenital) managing a flail chest, chest drain placement, managing pyothorax, tie-over bandage technique, managing difficult wounds and transtracheal wash.


  1. Emergency tracheostomy
  2. Temporary tracheostomy
  3. Brachycephalic - preop
  4. Brachy - stenotic nares
  5. Soft palate resection
  6. Brachycephalic - postop
  7. Laryngeal paralysis - noise
  8. Laryngeal paralysis - exam
  9. Cervical abscess
  10. Tracheal stent
  11. Diaphragmatic hernia
  12. Acute dia hernia
  13. Chronic dia hernia
  14. Flail Chest - trauma
  15. Chest drain
  16. Pyothorax
  17. Tie-over bandage
  18. Split-shot wound care
  19. Transtracheal wash

Practical Emergency Techniques III MP4

Practical Emergency Surgery Techniques III MP4

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