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Homemade Cat Bodysuits


Issue No. 299 - 15 Jun 2020

Author: Marcela Sánchez Madrigal

An ingenious solution for cats who dislike Elizabethan collars and great for the owner’s pocket, too – soccer socks as bodysuits!


Postmortem Ct & Autopsy of a Dog: Did the Dog Watcher Do It?


Issue No. 299 - 15 Jun 2020

Author: Adam W. Stern, Patricia Mendoza, & Robson F. Giglio

This case presents a not so uncommon scenario where animals are presented to forensic pathology service with suspicious circumstances involving a dog watcher, dog walker, or groomer.


How Does A Vet Find A New Disease That No One Has Seen Before?


Issue No. 294 - 15 Mar 2019

Author: Marshall Thornton

A very prescient question posed in 2019 by CVE Member Dr Thornton accompanied by interesting commentary from a variety of affiliated professionals.


What’s Your Diagnosis?


Issue No. 310

Author: Alex Moore

How would you investigate the patient? Skin scrapes, hair pluck, skin biopsy would all be possible, although the lesions are so characteristic that we made a presumptive diagnosis on the basis of the gross lesions.

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Fungal Disease: An Update


Issue No. 310

Author: Richard Malik, Patricia Martin, Patrizia Danesi, Lydia Tong, Mark Krockenberger

Introduction & Our Conceptual Framework Veterinarians in Australia see cryptococcosis cases and dermatophyte infections (ringworm) like most of the world, but we do not have the endemic river valley mycoses like blastomycosis and coccidiomycosis ..


Redback Spider Bite To A Vet


Issue No. 310

Author: John Sandford

Dr John Sandford asks if any of this information can be included in any useful way in a presumptive /differential diagnosis of Redback Spider bite in especially dogs?


Canine Spirometra Infection in a Dog


Issue No. 309

Author: Stephen Laing

The owner provided a sample of the tapeworm during the consultation which had the appearance of a zipper down the middle (see photo – note this is preserved and not fresh). This is characteristic of Spirometra tapeworm.


Blindness in Some Eastern Grey kangaroos


Issue No. 309

Author: Jeremy Rogers

Environment and SA Water staff noticed what appeared to be an increasing number of Kangaroos affected by blindness and staggering. Kangaroos of all ages and sexes seemed to be affected, and affected animals had bluish or discoloured eyes.


Ocular Misconceptions – a Pictorial


Issue No. 309

Author: Robin Stanley

In this beautiful pictorial, eye specialist Dr Stanley debunks 10 ocular misconceptions such as: Breed is not important – WRONG, Oral NSAIDs are good enough – WRONG, PLRs are way too basic to be useful for me WRONG! And more…


Update on C&T No. 5896: A Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Treatment Protocol


Issue No. 308

Author: David Hughes

Thank you David Hughes for the update to your previously published FIP treatment protocol and to the many others (particularly Jacqui Norris, Sally Coggins and Richard Malik) at the forefront of this revolutionary approach.


Fungal Dermatitis in a Python


Issue No. 308

Author: Izidora Sladakovic

A 5.5-year-old male carpet python was presented for skin problems: multiple approx. 1-3cm diameter skin lesions characterised by depigmentation, mild erythema and crusts present predominantly over the cranial two thirds of the dorsum.


An Incredible Case that Reinforces Why I Love Being a Vet! Severe Head Trauma in a Cat


Issue No. 308

Author: Moira van Dorsselaer

It would not have been wrong to euthanase Valentine. Honestly, it was considered more than once. However, he made a complete recovery because of the dedication of many veterinary professionals at The Cat Clinic Hobart.

Editors Pick


Gastroscopic Removal of an Unusual Foreign Body in a Python


Issue No. 209

Author: Olivia Clarke

Monty is an 18-year-old, female Jungle Carpet Python (Morrelia spilota cheynei). She weighed 5.2kg and was between 2-3 metres long. Monty presented to the Small Animal Specialist Hospital Avian and Exotics Department for foreign body ingestion. The f

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