5 Steps to Becoming a Welfare Focused Clinician
In the 21st century, our patients should have better welfare than ever thanks to advances in veterinary medicine: our knowledge of disease, new and improved diagnostic tests, advanced imaging modalities and targeted treatments.
However, sometimes considerations and priorities seem to compete - practicalities, client finances, compliance, time management, employer pressures - the list goes on! The reality is that clinicians can become easily overwhelmed and struggle with decision making for both sick animals, and requirements for preventative care. This may result in suboptimal welfare outcomes for our patients, but also leave us feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied with our jobs. As the profession battles to retain veterinarians in clinical practice, there has never been a better time to refocus on the primary role of veterinarians and why most of us chose this vocation in the first place – to improve animal welfare. Parallel to advancements in veterinary medicine, there have also been advances in animal welfare science. To date, these two fields have not been merged as much as they should be.

Yet, to optimise animal welfare outcomes in our patients, we need to understand how animal welfare can be scientifically assessed, and how we can use that to maintain our focus on animal welfare outcomes as our primary goal. This approach can empower veterinarians to have confidence in their case management and in turn get the ultimate job satisfaction! In this webinar '5 Steps to Becoming a Welfare Focused Clinician', Dr Andrea Harvey aims to show you how you can achieve this and become a welfare focused clinician.
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Andrea Harvey
BVSc PhD DSAM (Feline) DipECVIM-CA MRCVS MANZCVS (Animal Welfare)
Duration: 1:08:05
Thursday, 28 July 2022
Topic/s: animal welfare

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