Anaesthetising Cardiac Patients WebinarPLUS
Anaesthetising Cardiac Patients WebinarPLUS
Patients with cardiac disease may require anaesthesia for many reasons, from dentistry to emergency surgery.
In this presentation with Dr Donna White, we will discuss management of the most common cardiac conditions (MMVD in dogs and HCM in cats) in our small animal patients undergoing anaesthesia. Preoperative examination and assessment, as well as discussion of which cardiac medications are best given (or withheld) prior to anaesthesia, is explained. Methods of intraoperative support for these patients, and how to manage the most common complications that may occur will be covered. Case study examples will be used to provide a clinical approach to learning.
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Donna White
BVSc (hons) MVS DipECVAA
Duration: 1:01:51
Thursday, 25 August 2022
Topic/s: Anaesthesia

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