POCUS in Cats Rapid Cage Side Scanning WebinarPLUS
The energetic, entertaining and eminently qualified Drs Soren Boysen and Serge Chalhoub present this webinar discussing rapid cage-side ultrasound scanning in cats.
With the aim of inspiring practitioners to integrate Veterinary Point of Care Ultrasound into their diagnostic and treatment armoury, Drs Boysen and Chalhoub specifically focus on abdominal POCUS, pleural and lung space ultrasound and cardiac POCUS – all areas backed by evidence-based research to say that non-specialists (general practitioners and those in emergency care) can perform successfully in small animal patients. Soren and Serge will be joined on the forum by Australian veterinarian Dr Pamela Manning to provide a local perspective to discussion.
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Soren Boysen, Serge Chalhoub & Pamela Manning
Duration: 59:04
Thursday, 27 April 2023
Topic/s: Ultrasound

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