Technical Requirements

Software requirements

CVE online courses have very simple technical requirements - most PCs and Macs will be sufficient.

You will need the following programs to access the course material and the CVE website:


The online component can be completed using a free Internet browser (recent version). We recommend Chrome, available as a free download. You can use Firefox or Internet Explorer if you prefer.

Logging in

It is most important that cookies are enabled in your browser. To learn how to enable cookies in Chrome, click here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This program will enable you to read the course notes, CVe-library items and other pdf files on this site. Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here

A Media Player (VLC, Quicktime, WMV)

Microsoft Word or Open Office

You need either of these programs to complete your assignments. Microsoft Word is not a free program. If you do not have Microsoft Word or a compatible program, you can download Open Office which is a free program similar to Microsoft Office.