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Starting out in Veterinary Practice can be tough!

by Lis Churchward

Disclaimer from the CVE: Kate was randomly selected from our database to attend last year’s series of breakfast discussions to get feedback for questions for our survey. Kate agree to share her experiences in this blog. ​

Kate Drew

BVSc (Hons I)

I remember feeling overwhelmed more times than I can count that first year out. Practice is just so…practical, and I certainly didn’t feel ‘practice ready’ when I graduated. 

I was really lucky that my first workplace had a CVE practice membership, which allowed me to enrol in my first TimeOnline course.

TimeOnline are short, 4 week, highly practical and very easily digestible online courses on a wide variety of topics. My first one was Avian Medicine and I was hooked! Care of wildlife, pain management, managing diabetics, neonatal medicine, dermatology, behaviour, clinical pathology, emergencies in a variety of species, nutrition, pharmacology and the list goes on. After completing my TimeOnline courses, I feel confident and competent in a variety of areas that previously made me shudder when I saw them listed on the scheduler.

Since moving onto a new role, I have maintained my CVE membership at my own expense.

The benefits are so valuable to me and I can’t live without it. Not only can I access the course notes from the TimeOnline courses I have done over the past several years online whenever I need them, membership also entitles you to access to PodcastPLUS – a huge library of informative webinars that you can access wherever you are, whenever you are, for more continuing education!

In addition, you also get access to CVE conference proceedings (even if you didn’t attend) and past issues of C&T through your membership portal.

This is all included free in your membership, which, by the way, is offered at a significant discount to new and recent graduates in their first 3 years of practice. You also get a discount of 50% off many courses. I love free stuff and discounts and the Recent Graduate CVE membership offers both in spades!

My CVE membership has offered me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of veterinary medicine in a really practical way since I graduated 3 years ago. It offers exceptional value for money for quality, and very practical, educational resources relevant in everyday practice. Take a look at the website or call the CVE for a chat. You won’t regret becoming a Recent Graduate member and I can assure you it will make you a better, more practice-ready vet.

See a comment from a TimeOnline forum which sums up the tutor's philosophy:

"Although I have written a set of lecture notes for this course, don't be afraid to go off topic through these discussion forums. We all have much we can learn off each other and we should regard these notes as a starting point, not the 'be all, end all'. My goal is that, by doing this course and participating freely in discussions, we will all come out the other side much more comfortable when these really cool patients come in."

Bob Doneley
Backyard Chickens tutor

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