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WikiVet LIVE! – Celebrating a world first!

by Lis Churchward

If you missed it, you will shortly be able to download the session recordings and enjoy them at your leisure – watch this space!


The 10th of March 2018 was a milestone in veterinary education worldwide, in  particular for vet students globally, as WikiVet LIVE, the first-ever live-streamed veterinary education event, provided free, open and accessible learning to all. As always, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes people and companies who worked hard to make this event happen, and we particularly thank the sponsors.

The Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE) in Australia opened the Eastern Stream of this 24-hour event at the pleasant time of 12pm AEDT. Sympathies to our colleagues in London who stayed up till the wee hours in the morning to ensure there were no technical hitches.

Well done on the amazing feat we all pulled off this weekend in the name of veterinary education! I am so proud of us all, and how we pulled together from all corners of the globe, despite various challenges and obstacles along the way, but we did it!

Dr Bev Panto BVetMed BSc (Hons) CertAVP (ZooMed) MRCVS

CEO, WikiVet Education Foundation Registered Charity No. 1160546

From left to right: Alexander Del Bianco, Peter Wood and  Andy Lin (UQ) took  a break from studying for mid-terms to sign in to the online streaming. A big thanks to our CVE Ambassadors and Australasian Vet Medicine Schools for spreading the word.

A Special Thank You from CVE To:

The presenters and students (in order of presentations) who generously and most ably represented the Eastern Stream :

Sanaa Zaki: Multi-modal therapy for acute and chronic pain in companion animals

Steve Holloway: Using corticosteroids in clinical practice

Corey Regnerus (Student, NZ): Sustainability of the veterinary industry – starting at vet school

Meredith Wall (Student, Australia): Putting owners on the couch: a psychological approach to understanding feline obesity

Malcolm Chong (Student, Malaysia): Being a veterinary student of the world

Colin Dunlop & Nathan Koch: Crisis management in anaesthesia - what can we learn from airline pilots?

Robin Bell: How to survive your first equine lameness examination

Arthur House: Neutering in dogs - commonly performed but not necessarily routine

Mark Westman: Animal disease in shelters: Where to send animals to get sick

Linda Fleeman: Diet and diabetes mellitus - are we killing them with kindness?


The students from the University of Sydney who volunteered technical support on the day: Sharmila Kumaran, Kitty (Pak Ying) Weng & Ravina Shahi.





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