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Covid-19 Updates

19 March 2020

We’re sharing information from your colleagues that we hope you find useful:


Ideas shared by colleagues worldwide through the ISFM Listserv* which includes a recipe to make your own hand sanitiser using methylated spirits and other ingredients

Advice for companion animal practitioners during the COVID-19 outbreak (FECAVA) Advice for pet owners for visiting your vet during the COVID-19 outbreak (FECAVA)



17 March 2020

At a time when everything we see on social media or TV, or read in the newspapers, is about Covid-19, the veterinary profession is in a good position to bring a little sanity to bear on the issue. Our training and knowledge equip us to understand better than most the nature of emerging diseases and the evolving patterns of epidemics and pandemics.

However, the CVE has decided in line with University of Sydney policy to cancel or postpone all face-to-face events until June 30. While this move may seem excessive to some, we believe that it is the responsible thing to do as we do not want to jeopardise the health or livelihood of our presenters, participants and staff. We also acknowledge our social responsibility to help avoid overburdening our health system in the face of a pandemic.

Our extensive range of Webinars and TimeOnline courses will continue to be offered and can be enjoyed from the safety of your own home or office.


13 March 2020

After much consideration of the recommendations from various human health organisations regarding COVID-19 to date, we have made the decision to postpone our scheduled Melbourne June conference – Vetective Story.

This hasn’t been a decision taken lightly. However, the weight of responsibility we feel not just to delegates, speakers and CVE staff but to the community as a whole is significant; it is not simply about individual risk but an obligation to the community as a whole to minimise the impending burden on the health system.

At this stage, our smaller face-to-face events are still to proceed as scheduled. However, we will be closely monitoring advice and government directives and are aware that as the situation evolves, we may need to make adjustments. Please be assured that should further events need to be cancelled or postponed in the interests of public health, we will offer a full refund of registration fees. We recommend that if booking flights or accommodation you enquire about their refund or credit policy.

If your personal circumstances limit your ability to attend face-to-face events at this time, please remember we offer a range of online courses in many formats – so you can continue to access high quality continuing professional development.

These are certainly trying times and the sense of community that imbues the veterinary profession will be of significant support to many in what continues to be a challenging period. We wish you all good health.