Lauren Caspersz
Murdoch University - BSc/DVM
Hello! I'm Lauren, and I am a second-year vet student at Murdoch University. My background is in animal health and disease, having previously done a BSc (Hons) focusing on the response of abalone respiration to heat stress. At Murdoch, I am the Special Interest Group Liaison with our student association (MVSA), overseeing the activities of our SIGs. I am a firm believer in hands-on and extended learning, which is why I put my hand up to be a CVE ambassador! I decided to be a CVE ambassador because I want to expand my and my peers' knowledge of the veterinary field. CVE offers a variety of courses that cover material that isn't the main focus of my degree. I have an interest in wildlife/exotics medicine, and CVE allows me to explore my interests at my own pace with TimeOnline and PodcastPLUS. I look forward to sharing this resource with my cohort so they can reap the benefits of continuing education!
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