Tania Bishop
BVSc(hons1) MANZCVS (Avian Health) FACSCI
Tania Bishop is a highly dedicated Wildlife Veterinarian of 22 years with membership in Avian medicine, and an industry fellow with the University of Queensland for her contribution to veterinary student mentoring in the field of zoo, wildlife and exotic animal medicine and surgery. Tania is an active member of the Australasian Bat Society, the Wildlife disease association as well as Wildlife Health Australia (being a member of the bat health focus group). Tania has worked across the 3 largest wildlife hospitals in Queensland providing emergency and intensive care, treatment, disease investigation and rehabilitation of anywhere between 10000-20000 animals per year as well as proving veterinary support to a vast network of carers as well as supporting remote veterinarians to care for wildlife. Her experience includes a range of wildlife such as birds, bats, reptiles including sea snakes and marine turtles, small mammals such as gliders and animals within the dasyurid family, koalas, and macropods as well as a special interest in troubleshooting orphaned wildlife hand raising for carers. In her more recent role as a wildlife consultant, completing projects for both the DPIE and DES, she continued to research methods to directly mitigate deaths in disaster events, but also improve coordinated and safe responses between carers and local and state government, and increase carer and veterinary capacity to triage and manage animals in disasters from first response to release more effectively. Tania has extensive experience training and delivering lectures both nationally and internationally and is currently working for WIRES Inc developing material and resources for wildlife rehabilitators and industry professionals based on best practice and scientific research to further improve outcomes for wildlife in care throughout Australia.