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Clinical Pathology Seminar

Clinical Pathology Seminar

How does a pathologist do it? How can you do it too?

Are you confident in examining fine needle aspirates? Do you want to improve your cytology skills for your vet practice?

After attending this seminar you will walk away with practical tips and an approach to diagnosing disease from fine needle cell aspirates of lumps and bumps, harvesting cells present in body fluids, as well as cells obtained from special procedures on special sites.

The following topics will be covered throughout the day:

  • Getting the basics right for cytopathological diagnosis when looking down the microscope.
  • Cytopathological diagnosis of disease present in common sites: skin and lymph nodes. 
  • Interpreting cells in body fluids.
  • Cytopathological diagnosis of disease present in internal organs. 

This is a not to be missed opportunity to hear from Professor Mark Krockenberger, an outstanding wildlife researcher, teacher and veterinary pathologist!


Wednesday 5 June 2019
8.30 - 5.00
Early Bird
23 April 2019
Centre for Veterinary Education
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
Camperdown NSW


BSc(Vet) BVSc PhD

Mark Krockenberger was brought up in a family that had a love and strong commitment to wildlife and nature. Consequently, it was not surprising that he  acquired a BVSc honours degree from the University of Sydney in 1993. Along the way he took time out to complete a  wildlife research BSc (Vet) honours degree in 1992 working under Professor Michael Bryden on the Southern Elephant seal. Upon graduation and marriage to a fellow graduate, Jo and Mark set out to focus on small animal and farm animal practice in Victoria, NSW and the UK. However, the call of his beloved wildlife was too much for Mark and he returned to the Faculty of Veterinary Science in 1997 to undertake a PhD on cryptococcosis in koalas, under the supervision of Paul Canfield and Richard Malik. From that moment, Mark’s academic career flourished and he proved himself to be an outstanding wildlife researcher, teacher and veterinary pathologist. He has an international reputation for his research in both wildlife and companion animals and in 2004 received  the Clunies Ross Memorial Award from the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.  Mark has particular interests in fungal diseases, including cryptococcosis, and the broader topic of host:parasite: environment interactions in relation to disease causation. He has over 130 publications and a creditable H index of 28. Mark has received the National Pearson Education Uniserve Science  Award in 2006 and  a Vice-Chancellor’s Award  for outstanding teaching in 2009. He became a registered specialist in Veterinary Pathobiology after successfully completing his Fellowship Examination in Anatomical Pathology through the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. Currently, he is Professor of Veterinary Pathology and Associate Head of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at the University of Sydney. 

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