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Valentine Charlton Feline Medicine Seminar

Valentine Charlton Feline Medicine Seminar

In this 1-day seminar Jessica Quimby (USA) will be joined by locals Vanessa Barrs and Lara Boland to present some of the latest information on feline medicine.

This will be Dr Quimby’s first visit to Australia where she will present the latest information on feline Chronic Kidney Disease, which has been the subject of her research at both Colorado State University and more recently Ohio State University. Vanessa Barrs is well known to Australian audiences and she will present updates on feline infectious diseases and emerging diseases. They will be joined by Dr Lara Boland who will provide an update on feline cholangitis.

Lara is currently at the University of Sydney Teaching Hospital with Vanessa and previously completed an International Cat Care sponsored residency in small animal medicine at the University of Bristol. We are fortunate to have been able to hold this seminar on Jessica’s brief visit to Australia, so make sure you do not miss the opportunity to hear from these outstanding presenters and researchers.

Veterinary nurses with a special interest in the topic are welcome to register for this seminar. Please be aware that the seminar is designed for qualified veterinarians and you should consider this in light of your knowledge and experience before you register.


Friday 27 April 2018
9.00 - 17.00
Early Bird
15 March 2018
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
Regimental Drive
Camperdown NSW


BA (Anthropology & Zoology) DVM DACVIM PhD

Jessica Quimby received her veterinary degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003 and completed a small animal rotating internship in Sacramento, CA. She subsequently spent two years in feline exclusive private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan before moving to Colorado State University. Wanting to learn more about medicine and advance the state of medical knowledge for cats, Jessica completed a combined small animal internal medicine residency and PhD program. In 2012 she completed her PhD entitled 'Feline Chronic Kidney Disease: Novel Approaches to Etiology, Specific Therapy and Supportive Care' and was faculty at Colorado State until 2017. Dr Quimby is now a faculty member at the Ohio State University. Her research continues to focus on chronic kidney disease in cats. She has an interest in clinical trials and clinical pharmacology which is aimed at improving supportive care and quality of life in cats with chronic kidney disease. Jessica is one of the tutors of the CVE/ISFM feline medicine DE course. 


BVSc (Hons) PhD MVetClinStud MANZCVS (Small Animal) FANZCVS (Feline) GradCertEd

Vanessa is Head of Small Animal Medicine at the University of Sydney and is a registered Specialist in Feline Medicine. Vanessa was pivotal in establishing the Valentine Charlton Cat Centre, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary of providing excellent feline healthcare. Vanessa has particular expertise in respiratory and endocrine disease of cats and is an internationally renowned infectious diseases researcher. She discovered the fungal species Aspergillus felis in cats and researches Aspergillus fungal infections in many different animal species, as well as parasitic diseases including lungworm and toxoplasmosis, and viruses including feline calicivirus and parvoviruses of cats and dogs.

Vanessa is President of the International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Diseases and is on the Advisory Board of the Marie Bashir Institute of Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity at the University of Sydney. Vanessa lectures frequently to veterinarians nationally and internationally and has authored over 120 refereed publications and book chapters.

BVSc MANZCVS (Feline Medicine) Dipl. ECVIM-CA

Lara graduated from the University of Sydney in 2004 and initially worked in feline and general small animal practice in Brisbane and Canberra. She has completed internships in small animal/emergency medicine at the Animal Referral Hospital, Sydney and the University of Bristol, UK. She commenced an International Cat Care sponsored residency in small animal medicine in 2010 at the University of Bristol and returned home to Australia in 2013 to work at the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney. Lara has completed Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists membership examinations in feline medicine and the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine specialist examinations. 

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