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Alicia Kennedy

Dr Alicia Kennedy is a social-hearted veterinarian driven to fulfill her purpose to enable the benefits of healthy companion pets to be accessible to everyone. Alicia has innovated an award-winning, collaborative social service that is delivered through Cherished Pets, a unique social veterinary enterprise. Alicia is a passionate advocate for the role companion pets play in human health and wellbeing, particularly the role of pets in healthy ageing.  Alicia recognises the importance of pets to vulnerable people and the need to provide additional support to those who might lack the capability to maintain their cherished pets’ wellbeing. Alicia is leading the way as a One Welfare practitioner, and through the charity, Cherished Pets Foundation, is supporting research in this emerging space.

Cherished Pets is the world’s first certified B Corporation veterinary service (a global certification for ethical business practice) positioning this company alongside ethical global business leaders such as Patagonia, Intrepid Travel and Australian Ethical. Alicia has been heavily involved with The Jane Goodall Institute and is guided by Dr Jane’s key message, that each of us has a role to play through the everyday conscious choices we make, towards a kinder, sustainable and just planet.