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Andreia De Paula Vieira


Dr Andreia De Paula Vieira (DVM, MS, PhD) is Professor of Animal Welfare, Public Health and Epidemiology at Universidade Positivo, Curitiba, Brazil.  She is also the Research Manager at Centro de Pesquisa da Universidade Positivo (CPUP), a multidisciplinary Research Center.  Andreia's specializations include Animal Behavior, Animal Welfare Science, Animal Production, Public Health, Disaster Management, Epidemiology, Knowledge Transfer Methods and Instructional and Educational Design. Between 2012-2015 Andreia served as project coordinator for the Animal Welfare Indicators Project (AWIN - WP4), where she led the development of the information architecture for the Animal Welfare Hub and a team of IT developers and designers in Brazil. Her publications have appeared in Biosystems Engineering, Journal of Dairy Science and Applied Animal Behaviour Science.  Andreia serves as ISAE Country Liaison for Brazil.