Rodrigo Gallardo | Centre for Veterinary Education

Rodrigo Gallardo


Our Laboratory specializes on RNA viral endemic pathogens in the U.S. We have performed research in infectious bursal disease (Gumboro), avian Influenza, Newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis virus. Our main focus is to study molecular evolution and variability of infectious bronchitis virus, lately we have been exploring the basis behind the genetic resistance to infectious bronchitis virus. We have an investigation line in vaccine design using diatoms as novel adjuvants and boosters of immune responses. We also explore the One Health aspects of veterinary medicine using poultry as a model for our work in Africa and Central America.

Specialty Focus: My research interests are in the area of the avian virology, specifically in RNA viruses and their capabilities of mutation, recombination and variation making them very difficult to control in productive settings. I enjoy applying the information gathered in the laboratory by molecular or virological techniques in the field improving productive parameters and performance of poultry flocks. I also have a special interest in vaccine design for poultry.

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