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Rosemary Elliott

BVSc(hons) MPsych BA(hons) DipEd

Rosemary studied veterinary science at the University of Sydney after establishing her career as a clinical psychologist. At university, she was Secretary of the student organisation ‘Veterinary Science for Animal Welfare’ and student representative on the faculty’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. After graduating, her honours research led to the first published study of greyhound adoption. Her experiences during veterinary training fostered an ambition to focus directly on animal welfare and ethics. Rosemary co-founded Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics, in 2011 and is their current President. Sentient is an independent association of veterinarians solely dedicated to using animal welfare science to bring the recognition of animals as sentient beings to the national agenda, and to ensure that their needs are appropriately and ethically addressed by governments, industry and the public. Rosemary’s special interests include animal sentience, the human-animal bond and production animal welfare. She is now an independent member of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, and also promotes animal welfare through writing, research and presentations.