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Stephanie Stubbe

Dr Steph Stubbe is an RSPCA veterinarian and founder of AniPal, a social enterprise dedicated to helping the veterinary and animal industry communities transition to more sustainable practices, lowering their environmental footprint.

Steph is lucky that her overenthusiastic curiosity has never killed a cat. As a young girl from rural NSW Steph found herself in the big city of Melbourne studying Science and The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine whilst working at an AgTech Accelerator. This fuelled her curiosity and led her to develop Business Association of Veterinary Students (BAVS) at Melbourne University, a group dedicated to fostering veterinary business understanding. Whilst working as a recent graduate at RSPCA VIctoria, she created AniPal. Steph loves the outdoors, wildlife, adventures and is dedicated to helping the veterinary and agricultural industries become more sustainable.