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NFAHW Council

The National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council (NFAHW Council) was first envisioned in the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Strategy which was completed in 2009 by a working group comprised of federal and provincial government and industry representatives with an interest in animal agriculture in Canada. 

The NFAHW Council was formed as an advisory council by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Regulatory Assistant Deputy Ministers of Agriculture Committee (FPT Reg ADMs) but reports to all stakeholders. The NFAHW Council is funded jointly by those federal and provincial government agencies/departments and industry organizations which have committed to the NFAHW Council.

The Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) is an initiative of the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council, with broad based collaborative support of industry and governments. It has been designed to fill the need for strengthened animal health surveillance in Canada, as identified in the NFAHWC's report, "Surveillance in a Time of Transition in Farmed Animal Health".  More information can be found at