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Mental Wellbeing for Veterinary Teams Symposium

Mental Wellbeing for Veterinary Teams

This exciting one-day symposium is aimed at promoting wellbeing within veterinary teams and tapping into resources we may not know we have.

Coming from a range of professions, our speakers will provide bite-sized insights with a focus on positive action you can take to build resilience and support colleagues.

Hear Dr Anne Fawcett share why it would be GOOD FOR YOU to come along to this event:


In addition to their talks, each speaker will give FOUR WORDS of advice to help us move forwards with our lives and careers. We feel that any small, suggested change can be summarised in four words. Not all of these will be for everyone, but if each person can take away one or two pieces of “four words” advice that will lead to positive, tangible changes in their daily lives, then we’ve made a difference.

This initiative has been made possible by proceeds from the Vet Cookbook, a collaboration designed to promote sharing of stories and snacks, published by the CVE in 2017, as well as our generous Vet Cookbook sponsors . This is a unique initiative and we have negotiated a subsidised rate to ensure an affordable experience.

Nurses are encouraged to register for this event by calling the CVE customer service team +61 2 9351 7979

Speaker nominations! ‘Not Your Usual Suspects’ series

Keen to share your life hacks with colleagues? We want to hear from YOU.

Throughout the symposium we are allocating time to a series of rapid-fire, short talks called ‘Not Your Usual Suspects’. We would love to receive your nominations (yourself or others), along with a topic which you think would fit in with the theme of the day.

Do you have something to share that you feel might benefit others with stress management, career planning, people management or just a great way to do life? This may be as simple as a morning ritual, or a method you employ when having tricky conversations with your staff (tea and cake, anyone?). Whatever it is, if it helps you and you can talk about it for eight minutes, we would love to hear about it!

Nervous about public speaking? No worries! The idea of the ‘Not Your Usual Suspects’ series is that no-one is an experienced speaker, and it’s only eight minutes! Also, you may not just want to limit yourself to talking- we would love to hear more creative and ‘out of the box’ ideas too.

Submissions for Not Your Usual Suspects closed on Friday 31 May 2019. 


Wednesday 16 October 2019
8.00 - 6.00
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
Regimental Drive
Camperdown NSW

Member typeFee
Non-member / eMember member$160

*Members include: Practice, Professional, Part-time, Recent Graduate and Academic members. Nurses are encouraged to register for this workshop by calling the CVE customer service team +61 2 9351 7979