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The veterinary profession is facing a mental health crisis. What can we do to address high rates of compassion fatigue, burnout, and even suicide? We reckon a meal with a colleague is a good start. A problem shared is a problem halved. A problem shared over food is a problem minus hypoglycaemia, which is bound to be better.

Being stressed is bad enough, but everything’s worse when you’re hangry. And sometimes a good meal can lead to a meaningful conversation. Which can break down barriers.

Created by members of our profession for members of our profession, the Veterinary Cookbook is designed to bring joy. It contains over 100 recipes, many of which can easily be assembled in the most rudimentary veterinary practice kitchen from a handful of ingredients. Whether you’re an experienced chef who can whip up a croquembouche faster than you can spey a cat, or you wouldn’t know what a stick blender was if it fell out of a tree, there are recipes to suit all levels. This is meant to be fun!

But it’s not about the food. Accompanying the recipes are accounts of how colleagues have overcome tough times – and insights on how they continue to survive. We’ve also asked mental health professionals, counsellors, and wise colleagues to share their top tips for maintaining well-being, getting help when things get too much and bouncing back.

Veterinary nurses, groomers, students, practice owners, specialists, medical doctors, veterinarians – and in some cases their family members – have all pitched in to put together this world first.

If you read through it and glean some tips, make yourself a healthy meal or pack a special lunch for a colleague, we’ve done our job.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to produce and deliver mental health resources designed specifically for use by those in the veterinary profession and accessible to all free of charge.





Vet Cookbook is the brainchild of Co-Editors Jenna Moss-Davis (vet nurse), Dr Anne Fawcett, Dr Deepa Gopinath and Asti May (vet nurse, with son Bear) pictured to the right. The CVE volunteered to design, produce and market the Vet Cookbook free-of-charge as ourway of ‘giving back’ and supporting the profession.

Photographed by Pierre Mardaga,

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