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Valentine Charlton Feline Medicine Conference Digital

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The Valentine Charlon Feline Medicine Conference took place in the Veterinary Conference Centre, at The Sydney University from the 10th to 13th of February, 2020.


If you are treating any of the 3.9 million pet cats in Australia, you won’t want to miss this proceeding. From urethral blockage, dyspnoea and pruritis to chronic renal insufficiency, anaemia, IBD, chronic pain and arthritis – a plethora of the medical problems encountered in feline patients will be addressed.

Keynote speaker Susan Little will be joined by a terrific line-up of local talent, including Rachel Korman, Carolyn O’Brien, Linda Vogelnest and Steve Holloway at this February conference. From refinement of every day challenges – such as getting in-hospital patients to eat – to updates in treatment for immune-mediated disease, asthma and liver issues, this conference will ensure you are following contemporary recommendations for care.

With a focus on diagnostic reasoning and clinical decision making, the Masterclass on Day 4 with Lara Boland and Andrea Harvey will guide you in applying your knowledge to practical cases. Limited to just 50 registrations, this day will help you maximise the value of the information you procure in the conference and assist you in providing the best treatment plans and most accurate prognoses for you patients.

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