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Use of Wildlife Resources in Indigenous Enterprises

Mikaela Jade

Indigenous Seminar Series

Duration: 45:59

Friday, October 16, 2015

Topic/s: indigenous, animals

Everything starts with the Creation Story for us. All people, animals, plants, language, songlines and law come from the Creation Story. Part of our creation stories are referred to now as totems - the collection of special areas or animals from our Country. Our laws apply to our totems.

I will share with you the story of my Clan, the Cabrogal People, and our association with animals found in the Sydney Basin. I will share with you how now, more than ever, the cultural knowledge held by the World’s Indigenous Peoples about animals is important. It is important to our survival, but also critical to our Indigenous enterprises.
Bio Mikaela Jade is an indigenous Cabrogal woman who is an environmental biologist and digital technologist. After 10 years in National Parks working in visitor management and interpretation, Mikaela was recruited in to the Australian Government to work in the Reef Rescue taskforce, and deliver the Review of Caring for our Country. She was the first Australian Government officer to validate social media as a policy development tool, and went on to run the public sector innovation agenda. After reconnecting with her own Aboriginal culture, today Mikaela is setting the agenda for transparency in the digitisation of the world’s Indigenous cultures, and developing ways for Indigenous Peoples to create products and services from their data primarily focussed on digital interpretation.


Mikaela Jade, Mikaela is the Managing Director at Indigital Pty Ltd and an environmental biologist.

Her work has taken her to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, where she worked with 60 Indigenous Elders from around the world to cross the cultural / ethical threshold in an ethical manner, and address the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues about the importance of holding governments and corporations to account when dealing with Indigenous data. Mikaela is a Mum, a step mum and enjoys camping, exploring and reading about entrepreneurship.