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Pinniped Health Investigations

Rachael Gray

Lunchtime Seminar Series

Duration: 48:08

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Topic/s: pinniped, sea lions, fur seals

The elaboration of clinical disease in wildlife populations is the result of the complex interplay of various host, pathogen and environmental factors.

As part of ongoing health and disease investigations in several pinniped populations, including Australian and New Zealand sea lions and fur seals, the significance of various factors resulting in disease and mortality are being explored. This seminar will outline the major disease impacts threatening pinnipeds in Australian waters including hookworm disease and mortality due to Uncinaria sanguinis in Australian sea lions and an alopecia syndrome in Australian fur seals. The results of a number of investigations including anthropogenic toxicants (persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals), E. coli prevalence and antimicrobial resistance, and pathogen co-infection will be presented.

Dr Rachael Gray is a senior lecturer in Pathology and her research interests are focused on pinniped health and disease investigations, marine toxicants and pathogen co-infection.