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Azotemia in the Cardiac Patient PCP

Etienne Côté

PodcastPLUS Series

Duration: 47:27

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Topic/s: cardiology


Finding a way out of the quandary.

Dogs and cats with heart disease often have biochemical abnormalities that indicate prerenal or renal abnormalities.

This situation presents a quandry because increasing intravascular volume (such as with parenteral fluids) increases the risk of congestive heart failure, whereas decreasing intravascular volume (such as with diuretics) can worsen kidney function. This presentation presents specific strategies for making the most of this difficult situation, including methods for early identification of imminent congestive heart failure, appropriate use of parenteral fluid therapy, recognition of acute versus chronic processes, and common mistakes to avoid.

A veterinarian who engages with this presentation should leave with a broader understanding of the range of options available to make the most of this common medical dilemma.



Dr. Etienne Côté is a veterinary cardiologist and professor at the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada. He was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and trained at Cornell University and California Animal Hospital. He is the author or editor of several familiar textbooks, including the Clinical Veterinary Advisor, Feline Cardiology, and Ettinger’s Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine. His research has produced 20 peer-reviewed articles in veterinary cardiology. His teaching has been recognized with several teaching awards, including induction into Canada’s 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2015. His 5 year-old daughter and one very large Newfoundland dog keep him and his wife busy, and his hobbies include travel, languages, running, hiking, snowshoeing, and Shotokan karate.