The Art of Wound Reconstruction
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins
BVSc (Hons I) PGCertVS MVS (SA Practice) MANZCVS (SA Surgery)
Duration: 1:09:52
Wednesday, 11 November 2020
Topic/s: Surgery; Soft Tissue Surgery
There is not a cookie cutter approach to wound management and wound reconstruction.
Wounds can be made for us, through trauma, necrosis, etc; or they can be made by us. Every wound is different and as reconstructive surgeons, we should take a step back, so that we get the best outcome, not only for our patients and clients, but also for ourselves. We are going to take a case based approach to wound reconstruction. It is not only the removal of a mass that we need to consider, but also closing the defect without compromising our resection or the outcome for our patients.
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