Pets & The Pandemic: Are They Coping? WebinarLIVE!
Gonçalo da Graça Pereira, Kersti Seksel
Duration: 1:18:25
Thursday, 26 November 2020
Topic/s: Behaviour
Pets & The Pandemic: Are They Coping? Meeting the environmental needs of dogs and cats during and after COVID-19 – what can and should you do? We need to recalibrate our idea of ‘a normal environment’ as more people work from home.
Many pets have found suddenly having their 2-legged family around all the time challenging; sure, they may enjoy more time together with their humans but the disruption to their routines has also caused stress and anxiety. Some owners report their dogs as being needier than normal, barking incessantly to go outside or constantly seeking affection. Other owners report increased barking. Cats may be overwhelmed by having more people around than expected and may react to this stress by unwelcome changes in toileting behaviour. Others may seem to ‘withdraw’. These behavioural changes can strain the human-animal bond, but none of them are insurmountable. Join renowned specialists in veterinary behavioural medicine Drs Kersti Seksel (Australia) and Goncalo Da Graça Pereira (Portugal) as they share their considerable combined expertise to explore how you can assist your clients and patients navigate these ‘new’ COVID-19-related obstacles.
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