Protein, Fat, Fibre - The Pillars of Chronic Diarrhoea
Craig Ruaux
Craig Ruaux
Duration: 1:18:17
Wednesday, 12 May 2021
Topic/s: Small Animal Medicine
Recognition of the central role of diet and nutrition in the development of chronic enteropathic diseases has revolutionised our approach to these often-frustrating cases.
Protein type, fat content and fibre content of the diet may all play a role in the development of chronic gastrointestinal disease, and manipulation of these components of the diet can be crucial for successful therapy. This webinar will discuss the roles of dietary protein, fat and fibre in gastrointestinal disease from the perspective of an internal medicine practitioner. We will discuss examples of disease processes that may be driven by these dietary components, and strategies for addressing these diseases. Topics to be covered will include Food-Responsive Enteropathy, Protein-Losing Enteropathy, and chronic large intestinal diseases.
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