Animal Biosecurity and Emerging Threats: every vet's responsibility
The recent COVID pandemic has highlighted how quickly emerging diseases can impact our society in a social and economic context. Suddenly biosecurity is a buzz word and many people have become armchair epidemiologists or experts.
And amongst this are the veterinarians, who already have the required skills to manage animal diseases and emerging threats and understand the importance of early detection, quarantine, movement controls and herd immunity.

We are going to take a short journey together to brush up our skills so we are prepared for the next event - whether It is an animal disease outbreak, emerging disease or One Health event.

This WebinarLIVE! titled 'Animal biosecurity and emerging threats: every vet's responsibility' is presented by NSW Chief Veterinary Officer and Group Director Animal Biosecurity NSW DPI Sarah Britton.
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Sarah Britton
BVSc Dip Vet Clin Stud MANZCVS
Duration: 1:15:41
Wednesday, 03 June 2020
Topic/s: Animal biosecurity

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