Feeding Tubes for Cats
Carolyn O'Brien
Duration: 52:13:00
Friday, 13 December 2019
Topic/s: diet, feline
Managing the anorexic cat involves both identification of the underlying disease process and provision of nutrition and other supportive care.
Some cats can be coaxed to eat with simple interventions, such as warming the food and hand feeding. However, other patients will need assisted feeding to improve nutritional status. Early institution of tube feeding has a better outcome than waiting until the patient has end stage disease or is debilitated.

This presentation 'Feeding Tubes for Cats' will teach you how to successfully place and use nasoesophageal and esophagostomy feeding tubes in your feline patients.

Learning Outcomes

- Understand when nutritional support via tube feeding is indicated in sick cats
- Learn how to place nasoesophageal and esophagostomy tubes in cats
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