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Soft Tissue Surgery I Workshop

Soft Tissue I Workshop

Do not miss the opportunity to be taught by one of the world’s leading Soft Tissue Surgeons, Dr Howie Seim.

Howie is Professor of Small Animal Surgery at Colorado State University and is returning to Australia to share his knowledge and expertise.

In this one day workshop, Howie will teach participants the technical aspects of a variety of soft tissue surgery procedures. Some ‘theory’ will be included in the lectures, but emphasis will be placed on ‘how’ to perform each procedure. This will maximize the time for hands on practical training.

Topics have been chosen that represent surgical conditions commonly seen in veterinary practice and include:

  • salivary gland resection
  • tracheostomy tube placement
  • three methods of chest drain placement
  • esophagostomy tube placement
  • vulvarplasty for treatment of perivulvar dermatitis
  • how to perform a 15-minute gastropexy
  • tips for diaphragmatic hernia repair
  • how to perform a rapid splenectomy using 4 ligatures.

Emphasis will be placed on the regional anatomy as well as the technical aspects used to perform each procedure. Videos of clinical case material will be used extensively throughout the lectures to help illustrate each technique before practicing them in the wet lab.


One day of teaching from Howie Seim may not be enough for you? Howie is a natural teacher – you will leave the course with many new skills and wanting more.

Howie will also be running a workshop on Sunday covering completely different surgery techniques.  Why not take the opportunity to further your skills in Soft Tissue Surgery by making a weekend of it and attending both workshops? 

Who should attend?

This course is designed for veterinary surgeons interested in providing a higher level of surgical treatment for a variety of practical soft tissue surgery techniques in their practice. 

Learning Objectives


  • How to successfully and confidently perform a variety of practical soft tissue surgery techniques
  • Recent developments and new techniques in soft tissue surgery
  • The relevant regional anatomy for each procedure performed
  • Proper instrument choice and tissue handling techniques

Equipment Requirements

Please bring scrubs or suitable protective clothing and footwear for the workshop.

Please also bring the equipment listed below so that you get the most benefit from the day and have the right equipment for the procedures in the future. 

Contact the CVE no less than two weeks prior to the event should you have any concerns about your ability to bring the listed items.

Failure to bring these instruments may impede your ability to participate in the practical sessions.

  • Needle holders
  • Brown-Adsen thumb forceps
  • Straight DeBakey forceps
  • Mosquito hemostats- curved
  • Mosquito hemostats- straight
  • Rochester Carmalt hemostats- straight
  • Rochester Carmalt hemostats- curved
  • Mayo scissors- straight
  • Mayo scissors- curved
  • Metzenbaum scissors- straight
  • Metzenbaum scissors- curved
  • Stevens tenotomy scissors- straight
  • Scalpel handle
  • Allis tissue forceps
  • Towel clamps (4 or 5 inch)
  • Gelpi retractors with pointed tips (6.5 inch)
  • Gelpi retractors with pointed tips (3.5 inch)


Limited places remaining


Saturday 2 November 2019
8.30 - 5.00
Early Bird
20 September 2019
University of Queensland, Gatton Campus
Building 8179
Outer Ring Road
Gatton QLD



Howie Seim graduated from Washington State University, completed an internship in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, and a surgical residency at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. He obtained Diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1983. He is currently on the surgical staff at Colorado State University. He was recipient of the Merck AGVET Award for Creative Teaching, the CSU Award for Instructional Innovation and selected as the North American Veterinary Conference’s Small Animal Speaker of the Year in 2009. Dr Seim is founder of VideoVet a Veterinary Surgery Continuing Education video series:


Clara grew up in Sydney Australia, and earned her veterinary degree at Sydney University before moving to the US. She completed her post-graduate specialty training (rotating internship, surgical residency, and surgical oncology fellowship) at Colorado State University, where she currently holds a faculty position in small animal orthopedic surgery. She is also the current small animal surgery program chair for the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC).

Her clinical and research interests include cruciate disease, hip dysplasia, and minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy). Clara has been an invited speaker and instructor at numerous conferences and surgical labs throughout the US, supporting continuing education of veterinarians from around the world.



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