Distance Education

Early bird rates expire June 30, 2016

All programs are mentored by leading veterinary experts who will provide individual feedback and advice on completion of each module. Expertly-written course material is delivered online and flexibly structured, so YOU are in control. Get involved and learn from your peers in the group discussion forums.

DE is challenging – but then, anything worthwhile generally is. If you want to improve your knowledge, competence and confidence in a particular veterinary field, DE is for you...

Beef Producation Medicine
This course aims to present an overview of, and assist you in improving your approach to, the diagnosis and management of behavioural cases. It will provide you with the opportunity... read more

Tutor: Paul Cusak
February – November

Behavioural Medicine 
This course aims to present an overview of, and assist you in improving your approach to, the diagnosis and management of behavioural cases. It will provide you with the opportunity... read more

Tutor: Kersti Seksel and Jacqui Ley
February – November

Cardiorespiratory Medicine
This course aims to expand your knowledge of cardiology and respiratory disease. These two areas are so closely linked that it is natural to study them jointly. In particular, the vexing... read more

Tutors: Nick Russell and Niek Beijerink, written by Russell Mitten
February – November

Clinical Neurology Race Approved
This Clinical Neurology course will enable you to develop your skills and knowledge to deal with those tricky cases that are often referred to a specialist. It will take you from the basics of... read more

Tutors: Laurent Garosi, Sam Long and Simon Platt
September 2016 – July 2017

Clinical Pathology
Gain skills to perform in-house clinical pathology tests and evaluate laboratory data to achieve more accurate and rapid diagnoses for your patients. This course will develop your skills in evaluating... read more

Tutor: Sandra Forsyth
February – June

This practical course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and manifestations of the often complex and confusing skin cases that you encounter every day... read more

Tutors: Ralf Mueller and Sonya Bettenay
February – November

Diagnostic Imaging Program
Our year-long Diagnostic Imaging Distance Education course has been broken down into 3 more manageable and interchangeable parts, each with 3 unique modules... read more

Tutors: Robert Nicoll, Zoe Lenard and Sarah Davies
February – November

Diagnostic Imaging: Thoracic
Thoracic radiography is one of the most useful clinical tests undertaken in clinical practice and yet one of the most frequently cited areas of confusion. This course aims to increase your... read more

Tutor: Robert Nicoll
February – May

Diagnostic Imaging: Abdominal
This unit focuses on a radiographic approach to abdominal imaging but will supplement radiographic imaging with other imaging modalities. The usefulness of ultrasonography will be... read more

Tutor: Zoe Lenard
2016 Session: May – August

Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal
Musculoskeletal radiography may seem easy, but this comprehensive course will take your understanding of skeletal imaging and pathology to a new level. As well as conventional radiography... read more

Tutor: Sarah Davies
2016 Session: August – November

Emergency Medicine
Develop your capacity to treat emergency and critical care cases confidently every single time. This course aims to develop your practical skills and techniques for the treatment and... read more

Tutors: Trudi McAlees and Sandra Forsyth
February – November

Feline Medicine Race Approved
Want to gain the special skills required for those tricky feline patients?... read more

Australian Tutors: Katherine BriscoeKeshuan ChowRachel KormanRichard MalikWayne Mizon, and Carolyn O’Brien
February – November

Internal Medicine: A Problem Solving Approach
Advance your problem-solving skills to develop a rational, pathophysiologically-based approach to treating internal medicine cases. This course will cover common clinical problems... read more

Tutors: Jill Maddison and Sue Bennett
February – November

Internal Medicine: Keys to Understanding
This course is designed to help you build a problem-solving approach to medicine. This encourages you to define the problem, develop a ranked list of differential diagnoses and... read more

Tutors: Darren Merrett, Kate Hill and Jen Brown
February – November

Ophthalmology is one of those subjects you can’t learn at University or from a book–you really need to see cases to work out what is happening in eyes. This course is focused on presenting... read more

Tutor: Robin Stanley
February – November

Would it not be great to provide your patients and clients with more and better surgical options and be able to confidently advise on their pros and cons to guide your clients’ decision making?... read more

Tutors: Wing Tip Wong and Guy Yates
February – November



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Up for the challenge?

The Centre for Veterinary Education's Distance Education programs are designed to provide you with structured, flexible professional development that you can immediately implement in your practice, with:

  • Expertly written notes by leaders in their veterinary fields
  • Regular feedback from your tutors that ensures your success
  • Structured learning you can do at home or at the practice
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • An interactive online forum with other participants
  • Over 300 hours of challenging Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


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