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All DE programs are mentored by leading veterinary experts who will provide individual feedback and advice on completion of each monthly module. Each module may include written content, technique videos, self-reflections, quizzes and online submission of monthly assignments. Maximise the opportunity to expand and consolidate your learning by participating in the tutor moderated group discussion forums and attending the case-based and/or practical workshop/s optional for most courses.

TimeOnline is quality online education delivered by veterinary experts in short, manageable timeframes.

Build in-demand skills in key clinical areas. Engage with your tutor/s and other participants through an active discussion forum. The programs are further enhanced by concise core notes, video presentations, case studies, images, useful links and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and round out the program. Earn 10+ CPD points with completion of each TimeOnline course.

TimeOnline OnDemand are short online continuing education programs that you can start and finish at a time that suits you.

Delivered by content matter experts, each OnDemand course gives you access to videos, presentations, notes, supplementary readings and an opportunity to test your knowledge. Succinct and engaging, these courses are designed to fit around your busy life and within your areas of interest.

Webinars are an ideal way to brush up on your skills when you are time poor, restricted by location or just prefer bite size CPD.

WebinarPLUS (formerly known as PodcastPLUS) are pre-recorded webinars presented by veterinary experts selected by CVE. Being pre-recorded, you can watch each presentation in your own time and participate in the discussion forum, moderated by your presenter for up to one week after the WebinarPLUS release. You will receive 1 CPD point for each CVE WebinarPLUS completed.

Webinars are an ideal way to brush up on your skills when you are time poor, restricted by location or just prefer bite size CPD.

WebinarLIVE! presentations are led by veterinary experts, watched in real time and are followed by an interactive Q&A. It’s your chance to interact with experts, ask your burning questions and get real-time answers. You will receive 1 CPD point for each CVE WebinarLIVE! completed.

Due to the ongoing physical distancing measures to limit the spread of Covid 19 and international travel restrictions, our remaining 2020 workshops have been postponed until next year.

The CVE continues to offer a broad range of online education with new TimeOnline courses and webinars available to be completed in your own time from the safety of your own home. Distance Education courses are open for registration with attractive early bird discounts for CVE Members. We look forward to being able to provide our traditional range of conferences, seminars and workshops in 2021 as well as a new range of on-demand online courses. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Practical workshops are an ideal way to build confidence and competence in your skills.

With the ideally balanced combination of theoretical and hands-on education, our workshops allow participants to obtain the most benefit possible through the practical application of the skills being taught. Small group teaching with a high tutor to participant ratio will ensure that you benefit from individual attention from the highly regarded and experienced tutor/s. Nothing beats on-the-spot feedback as you learn a new procedure.

Invest in 1-5 days of distraction-free, focused and practical learning.

Immerse yourself in a specific area or discipline for one or more days, making the most of time to engage with keynote speakers and maximise the educational opportunity. Network with peers sharing similar interests; build the relationships to support you in practice.

Expand your professional development and join our experienced team of lecturers and tutors in an evidence-based and traditional approach to small animal and equine acupuncture.

The IVAS Certificate is an internationally recognised standard of veterinary acupuncture training. The CVE in association with the Australian College of Veterinary Acupuncture (ACVA), is pleased to be delivering the world-renowned IVAS Certificate of Veterinary Acupuncture on behalf of the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group (AVAG), special interest group of the AVA.

Avian Medicine TimeOnline

Monday, 24 August 2020

Speaker/s: Alex Rosenwax


Hurry! Limited Places Remaining



Avian consults can be difficult and often present as an emergency because owners do not understand normal bird behaviour nor recognise key symptoms that might indicate an important underlying problem. Avian cases may often seem complex at first glance. This course aims to give you the knowledge and skills to approach them with confidence and give your patients the maximum chance of a successful outcome. This course will review and update your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, husbandry, handling and examination techniques, diagnostics, emergency procedures and radiography. We will complement this with modules that cover how to best diagnose and manage specific common problems and syndromes we see in our avian patients.

Trauma Patient Management TimeOnline

Monday, 31 August 2020

Speaker/s: Duana McBride & Lynda Rutherford


Registrations are closed.



There are many layers of managing trauma patients, from the initial triage and stabilisation; advanced surgery; monitoring critical patients; and dealing with associated complications. This will be an intensive course where you will develop a broad range of skills and knowledge which you can also apply to many of your other patients as well. We will promise it will be challenging but rewarding!

Feline Emergencies TimeOnline

Monday, 14 September 2020

Speaker/s: Trudi McAlees


Registrations still open



The latest evidence based approach to feline emergency, combined with tutors personal experience treating cats in the emergency setting. The course covers triage, shock and fluid therapy, as well as treatment of common toxicities. The unique aspects of caring for cats in the emergency and critical care settings will also be addressed.

Feline Behaviour TimeOnline

Monday, 21 September 2020

Speaker/s: Sarah Heath


Registrations still open



The aim of this course is to increase awareness of feline behavioural medicine and educate about normal feline behaviour and how it influences the lives of domestic cats. There will be emphasis on the importance of recognising and controlling stress in domestic cats and the way in which this impacts on general veterinary practice.  Discussion of the interplay between emotional and physical disease will be an important part of the course. Participants will be encouraged to consider feline welfare in the context of feline behavioural medicine.

Animal Forensics:Cruelty & Interpersonal Violence TimeOnline

Monday, 28 September 2020

Speaker/s: Jason Byrd, Susan Underkoffler


Course starts in 4 day/s



This course will explore the relationship between human violence and animal maltreatment, its history, its presence in the legal system, society and the family.  The course will explore resources available and how veterinary professionals can work within their community to facilitate a more effective response to cruelty and violence.

Backyard Chickens TimeOnline

Monday, 12 October 2020

Speaker/s: Bob Doneley


Course starts in 18 day/s



This course aims to give you more confidence in approaching your backyard poultry cases by firstly providing an introduction to pet chicken medicine and then discussing common infectious and non-infectious diseases, anaesthesia and surgery. Veterinary nurses with a special interest in the topic are welcome to enrol in this course. Please be aware that the course is designed for qualified veterinarians and you should consider this in light of your knowledge and experience before you register.

Dermatology TimeOnline

Monday, 02 November 2020

Speaker/s: Linda Vogelnest




This course is designed to cover the most common range of dermatological problems faced in general practice in both dogs and cats, and reinforce a practical logical problem-orientated approach to skin disease. A common tendency is to reach for blanket symptomatic treatments as one of the first options, without too much consideration of the most likely underlying diseases or other more guided treatment options. Following a logical diagnostic approach to disease, even when potential for diagnostic testing is limited, will often guide more effective case management; and this course aims to give many practical tips on how to achieve this. A range of case examples will be individually worked through, to reinforce the theory and tips provided.